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Its is the hired responsibility to ensure all possible steps are taken to avoid injury to those using the inflatable or any damage to the inflatable. Please follow these safety instructions to ensure this and therefore enable you to enjoy the inflatable safely:

  1. Each unit has an age limit - under 11's unless specified as an adult inflatable- otherwise damage to the seams can occur

  2. A responsible adult must supervise at all times, ensuring the inflatable is not overcrowded as this may cause injury.

  3. It is advisable for anyone with neck or back problems not to use the inflatable.

  4. No face paints, party poppers, colored streamers, or silly string to be used on or near the inflatable as they can stain the unit, for which the hirer will be liable for cleaning and repairs.

  5. do not let anyone near the inflatable during the inflation or deflation process, shoes,Badges, Jewellery or anything sharp must not be worn whilst on the inflatable. It is also recommended that spectacles be removed for health and safety reasons.

  6. No water is to be used on the inflatable.

  7. No smoking on or near the inflatable.

  8. No food or drink allowed whilst on the inflatable.

  9. Do not climb, hang or sit on the side walls or the inflatable as it is dangerous.

  10. Do not bounce on the front step.

  11. Please remember- if the inflatable is dirty or damaged when collected the hirer is liable.

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